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This weekend Mr. Kitties and I traveled home to visit the parents, sell one of our homes, and do a lot of lounging around the family hop garden.  Along the way we stopped at a local Walmart and I found the latest doll in Monster High's Ghouls Night Out line; the ghostly Spectra Vondergeist!  I already picked up the five-

Spectra001 by PixelKitties

Just look at this doll!  How could I possibly resist?  Spectra is one of the few MH characters I don't have multiples of, which is a failure on my part given how beautiful she is.  As a ghost, Spectra has a wonderful white-to-transparent color scheme and dresses is gorgeous, bright purple hues.  I've no doubt Rarity would agree that Spectra is hands-down the ghost with most fashion sense! 

One problem I have with buying new Monster High dolls is that I find it difficult to open the box.  The MH design domination starts right on the shelf with fantastic art, graphic design, and posing on the dolls.  

Spectra002 by PixelKitties

I love the art deco haunted house in the background of Spectra's box and the whole color scheme is fun and appropo to a spooky-yet-classy ghoul.  Still, I am a great advocate for toys needing to be played with, so out of the box she comes!

Spectra003 by PixelKitties

Spectra comes with a several neat accessories!  In addition to the usual Monster High stand and brush, she comes complete with a photo album, compact, purse with removable chains, and an iCoffin, the MH equivalent of an iPhone. All the little details are nice, but the best part is that her accessories all fit perfectly into her purse, so when she's on display there aren't a bunch of loose bits and pieces to get lost.

Spectra004 by PixelKitties

I'll admit it, that purple raincoat is the reason I bought this doll.  Obviously she's fantastic from head to toe- or in this case, from jaunty little hat to fancy high heels, but the shiny clear coat/vest thingie really brings it all together!  

Once again, I can't say enough about the color schemes of the Monster High line.  Spectra is so bright and effervescent its almost like she stepped out of a painting.  Purple, white, black and silver are all set against each other to give Spectra a gorgeous, ethereal look!  

As is usual for Monster High, all Spectra's joints are plentiful and tight.  She's easily posable and best of all holds her poses with no difficulty.

Spectra005 by PixelKitties

Starting at the bottom, let's take a look at the ongoing Monster High tradition of fantastically designed footwear.  Spectra is no exception with these silver and purple heels.  Being a ghost in the Dickensian tradition, part of Spectra's theming revolves around chains and locks.  She's also a spectral reporter, always looking to unlock secrets and mysteries.  Her shoes reflect that design, with metal locks as buckles and chains wrapping 'round her ankles and forming the shoe's spiked heel.

Also take note of Spectra's color design.  Most of her body is marshmallow-white, but her hands and feet fade away into clear.  It's a gorgeous effect that sets her apart from all her fellow MH ghouls!

Spectra007 by PixelKitties

Like I said, from the bottom to the top, Spectra is a beautiful and intricately themed doll.  Her black pillbox hat has a delicate purple bow with a chain pattern.  Her earrings are locks suspended from chains and her necklace is made from a series of chains.  Even her belt has a lock on it!

When I picked up Twyla, I was disappointed that her hair had a weird, frizzy and powdery texture.  I was a bit concerned that this was the start of a disappointing trend with the new dolls.  Thankfully, with subsequent dolls, that's not been the case.  Spectra's hair is absolutely luxurious, soft and oh-so smooth!  The brush that comes with Spectra runs through her locks with silky perfection.  The color is a combination of dark and light purples with pink highlights.  All the hues blend together seamlessly to frame her face.

Spectra012 by PixelKitties

Spectra's leather driving gloves also feature the lock theme and have delicate, intricate stitching all around. Her dress likewise features several sizes and lengths of shiny silver and pink chain on a black background.  With all the chains and her white pallor, Spectra may not be the daughter of a ghost, and may instead be related to this guy!

Pinhead by PixelKitties

Someone at Monster High really needs to get that "Daughter of the Cenobite" doll out ASAP!

Spectra009 by PixelKitties

The only part of this doll's design that I find lacking is her belt.  While the lock buckle is great, the belt itself is just a simple length of ribbon.  With the amount of detail and quality materials of everything else, it really stands out as a lost opportunity.  That said, it's a small quibble with an otherwise fantastic ensemble! 

As I mentioned, she comes with an iCoffin smart phone and compact with more of the lock and key pattern.

Spectra010 by PixelKitties

It's a little detail, but it's really nice to see that Spectra's compact open to reveal the exact shade of eye makeup she's actually wearing!  One thing that always makes me so happy about the MH dolls is that even when Mattel could have gotten away with skimping on details, making the compact more generic or having nothing inside when you open it up, they still go the extra mile to make the item unique to its doll. 

Spectra011 by PixelKitties

Spectra's purse is in two parts.  It has an inner bag with a a really neat bundle of chains that wraps around the outside of the purse.  Again, it's a minor detail, the whole thing could have been molded faster and easier as one piece or even REALLY cheap with just a chain pattern or sticker sheet on the purse.  But instead we get this really neat, dimensional, and unique piece that adds to the interest and playability.

SpectraHops by PixelKitties

I say this every time I pick up a new Monster High doll, but Ghouls Night Out Spectra is one of my new favorites.  Looking at the quality and design of a doll like this, you have to wonder how Bratz, Mystic Vampires, or Equestria Girls could hope to compete while also skimping on everything that makes MH great.  Spectra is a wonder to behold, a doll that not only exudes beauty but artistry and a real sense of fantastical glamour.   As much as I love My Little Pony and collecting the Hasbro toy line, no figure or doll gives me greater happiness in the toy aisle than Monster High.  

Spectra014 by PixelKitties

I also picked up the Ghouls Night Out 4-pack featuring my favorite Ghoul Ghoulia, Venus McFlytrap, Clawdeen Wolf and another of my favs, Rochelle Goyle!  Each doll, individually, costs around $20 so at $40 the 4-pack is a great value.  I totally reccomend the multi-doll sets if you're looking to start a Monster High collection of your own.  Unfortunately, I must confess that I haven't been able to bring myself to open them yet!  Maybe next review! 

Thanks again for reading my breathless fangirl squeefest!  I really appreciate my pony-loving friends taking a chance to read about, or in some cases, take the plunge into collecting Monster High!  

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anzul Featured By Owner Sep 12, 2013  Student General Artist
a MH "Daughter of the Cenobite"? you manical monster! XD

and what whit the pic of her holding those green 'pinecones'?
PixelKitties Featured By Owner Sep 12, 2013  Professional Digital Artist
Those pinecones are hops from my family's beer garden where all these photos were taken!  They're the essential ingredient to producing the world's most perfect beverage!
0Rosethorn0 Featured By Owner Sep 3, 2013
SQUEE Another fantastic review, and more reviews to come apparently? You're wonderful!
I really, really really want to start a collection so bad, but I'll have to wait patiently when I make my own money and move out. I'll definitely start with a multi-doll set, so thanks for the advice!
Amana07 Featured By Owner Sep 3, 2013  Hobbyist Writer
Thoroughly enjoy your reviews PK, and I hope to see you do some for the new episode coming in November for MLPFIM.  I'm quite pleased that you make sure to go over each detail with a fine tooth comb, even going as far as detailing each aspect that makes you like/dislike that particular piece. 
lulumimibebe Featured By Owner Sep 3, 2013  Student General Artist
I just bought my first 2 monster high dolls thanks to your reviews! I LOVE THEM. :3
SalenStormwing Featured By Owner Sep 3, 2013
Venus McFlytrap? Her brother, Marty McFlytrap always goes on time traveling trips with some weird doctor down the street. ;)
CaptainPenguin Featured By Owner Sep 3, 2013
do you save the boxes for your dolls?
PandoraCaitiff Featured By Owner Sep 3, 2013
My girlfriend (the Ghoulia obsessive) showed me this doll in the store, but in the gloomy light she looked nowhere near as amazing as your photos show! I want! Totally loving the rain coat.

And my GF is seriously covetting that Ghoulia and Venus from the 4-pack XD
TigroSpottystripes Featured By Owner Sep 3, 2013
Artistically MH is only slightly less sinful than EG, but on the technical side their dolls totally wipe the floor with Hasbro's spawns.
Sheepishwolfie Featured By Owner Sep 3, 2013
Have you, or do you plan to, pick up any of the Ever After High dolls?  I love the design on some of them as well.
Crazypurplebat Featured By Owner Sep 3, 2013
I agree that Twyla's hair is lacking slightly but I also think it might have something to do with her living under beds in the dust, I imagine anyone's hair would get kinda fuzzy living like that, though it still remains that Twyla and Spectra are my handsdown favorites. I have the Monster High Picture Day Spectra and I just love her, but now I may need to get the Ghoul's Night Out one seeing as they are totally different with the hair and eye makeup! (Love that eyemakeup compact btw, genius)

I am just about in love with that Venus, she is stunning and i want her so bad now!!!!!
ArrJaySketch Featured By Owner Sep 3, 2013  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Pixel, someone needs to show your reviews to the folks at Hasbro. You explain everything very well, and what is exactly that makes you love Monster High versus the other company's toys. I never would have understood the appeal in these dolls, but you help so much!

Thanks, Pixel, for sharing your informed opinion. It's truly appreciated!
JusticeDude Featured By Owner Sep 3, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
I really love these reviews!  You got me started buying these things and now I'm up to four:…
Stavekoff Featured By Owner Sep 3, 2013
Holy shit that transparency thing is gorgeous to behold. Like damn.
cheif15 Featured By Owner Sep 3, 2013
I must say I love your in depth look at the design of these dolls, very insightful. I truthfully never understood dolls, I understand action figures and legos but never dolls. That's what I love about these reviews though it does help me understand how unique these toys are.
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