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Hearthswarming Mat FLAT PviewSIZE by PixelKitties

And Happy New Things!

I haven't posted much lately because I live a life of high adventure and free time is for suckers.  But I wanted to take a moment and wish everyone the happiest of holidays and thank you all for being amazingly awesome friends and internet personages! 

We're spending Christmas with friends at our vaykay cabin, sipping beer, lounging in the hot tub, and avoiding family drama involving whoever stole the last cookie or which child bit another child first (Spoiler Alert:  It's Ethan, the little bastard.  It's ALWAYS Ethan.)

However you plan to spend your holiday, I wish you and yours the brightest and merriest ever!  Love youse all and I'll try and be better at posting nonsense on a semi-regular basis in 2017.  If not, blame Ethan!
FilliesRevisedSM by PixelKitties

It’s Trixie Week!  An entire week dedicated to the most Great and Powerful of all Best Ponies!

Post your favorite Trixie art, fics, cosplay, toys or epic-length tone poems!  Express your love for her and SHOW TRIXIE WHAT YOU GOT!

Remember, Trixie is 100% perfect 60% of the time, every time!

Tabitha St Germain Babscon Autograph Card by PixelKitties

The new season of MLP starts on March 26 and that's really just not convenient for me.  I've got too much work to do and my hands currently full making fun of political campaigns.  Making poop jokes about princess ponies and keeping up with drawing new episode stuff just won't fit into my schedule right now.  I need at least two more months to prepare.  Maybe three!  

There's also the fact that every new episode brings us a step closer to the end of all things Friendship and Magical and I'd much rather prolong that incremental heartache for another year, at least. 

Sadly, nobody at Hasbro is taking my wants, needs or hastily scrawled drunken rants into account, so on March 26 we'll return to Equestria for more personal tiny equine adventures!  Should be fun...and bittersweet.  And exhausting.  But mostly fun.  Mostly. 

Cczi3pyW0AI2UxX by PixelKitties

Thank you to EVERYONE who was kind enough to wish me a happy birthday over the weekend!  I don't know if I'm going to be able to properly thank everyone individually right away, but I wanted to make sure and express my gratitude.  

I had a fantastic day of birthing filled with friends, family and beer!  I was also overjoyed to be able to spend the day doing nothing important, which is more precious than gold to me!

It was also truly wonderful logging into DA this morning and seeing so many well-wishes and certainly made it easier to jump-start my enthusiasm for the the week ahead!  THANK YOU for taking the time to think of me and I hope you all had a fantastic weekend yourselves- birthday or not!  
HarshwhinnyLogo by PixelKitties

If you can only vote for one extra-dimensional horse lady in a turtleneck and blazer this election season, make it Ms. Harshwhinny!
HorseDailyIowa3 by PixelKitties
With Election Season heating up, professional candidate Ms Harshwhinny simply can't be everywhere at once!  In order to satisfy the public's increasing demand for voting horse, I need a stand-in for the Next Future Horse President!

So, I am looking to buy or commission a show-accurate Ms Harshwhinny plush!  Obviously sooner is better as we are rapidly approaching the primaries and Donald Trump already has six plush versions of himself on the campaign trail!

Let me know if you can help a Horse Candidate out!  Act quickly and she might even name you her running mate, or at the very least Secretary of State (personal email server not included.)
Horse Daily021 by PixelKitties

In keeping with your quaint holiday traditions AND in the spirit of Democracy, shall I pardon or serve this plump, delicious, vodka-infused bird?

Let me know in the comments!

Or in this case, Keys and Harmony!

Bookbox2 by PixelKitties

I've made a few new Friendship Keys and Harmony Boxes and  listed them on my Etsy Store.  

BookBox by PixelKitties

Each Harmony Box comes with a set of buttons

Keys by PixelKitties

KeysPrints by PixelKitties

Each set of SIX keys comes with a set of buttons AND prints!

Unfortunately, this is all I'll be able to make available before the holidays, so if you've been waiting for these, act fast!  When they're gone they're REALLY gone!
Tonight I'll be the guest on DustyKatt's manly show of manliness!  I'll be talking about horses and beer and beer horses as well as raising some money for Pittsburgh Animal Friends where we recently adopted our new kitty, Wesley! 

20151110 145018-1 by PixelKitties

Wesley's levels of "Not Giving A Crap" are exceptionally high!

As a special incentive to reach at least $500 for Animal Friends, I'll be offering some special one of a kind goodies signed by people who are WAY more interesting to me.  People with very special voices!  Actors who specialize in...voicing one might say!  Maybe Princesses...of horses...and very kind horses.  And time traveling horses.  

Sadly, I can't give away beer. But I really want to!

If you like any of that stuff, join us at 5pm PST/8pm EST!
Lyra and Bon Bon Nightmare Night 2015 by PixelKitties

One of the most commons questions I see posed to artists, writers and others who make fan content is "Why did you do that?"  Usually it's in the context of "Why did you present some detail in a way that differs from cannon/fannon/my personal headcannon"

I seem to provoke that question frequently over pony-related details like putting shoes only on the back hooves (mimicking human hand/foot anatomy) or making Luna and Celestia's manes semi-transparent.  Yeah, I know, they seem like tiny, itty-bitty insignificant details but folks take them biggie-size seriously.  And yes, these are absolutely things that directly conflict with every form of cannon.  

So, why do it?  If it ain't broke and all of that.  Quite simply, it comes down to things I like to see.  I change details to reflect my personal preferences and aesthetics, not to purposefully conflict with another fan's interpretation or stir up the roiling magma of fan rage.  It's just what "works" for me.  

I tend to believe that's why EVERYONE gets into fanart.  To shape the world we love a little bit to suit our own vision.  As much as I try to keep close to show style, it's the little tweaks and details that make it personal and extra special for me, it's what's kept me around for years at this point.  

I guess my point is, please don't take an artist or writer's creative license personally.  Fan rage is a funny thing, it's often fueled by the smallest and most innocuous things.  I remember hearing about how folks in Ye Olde Sonic fandom used to have great flame wars over a character's eye color.  Life is far too short and precious to waste one dollop of stress on such minutia.  Instead, I recommend channeling your own inspiration into art or writing or animation or any outlet for your OWN interpretation, your own spin, your own vision.  

There's a vast galaxy of opportunity for fan creation.  We've never had more access to an audience and to like-minded friends and fans.  Follow your own creative spirit and tell YOUR stories!  Find your voice and don't be afraid to make a tiny part of Equestria (or Star Wars or Minecraft or Lego or Scooby Doo or Doctor Who) your own.  

Cheers! <3
Well, not me, exactly, but you can find some of my silly art of derped-up horses!

CRYJ5krUwAApn0c by PixelKitties

If you haven't  heard, Art of Equestria is a fantastic, hardcover journey through the creation and design of Friendship is Magic.  It has tons of anecdotes, concept art, production notes and never-before-seen assets and art.  

And least interesting of all you can find my contribution on page 210!

It really is a big, beautiful book with lots of fun behind-the-scenes info about how this current generation of pastel ponies came to be!  You can pick it up for the cheap as free price of $17 through Amazon or $19.99-$24.99 at other retailers. 

My-Little-Pony-The-Art-of-Equestria-by-Hasbro-Inc. by PixelKitties
eMPTYsTAGE by PixelKitties

If you have any interest in politics (or an abject fear of them) come join myself and Horse candidate Ms Harwhinny for a live-tweet and coverage of the first Democratic Presidential Debate of this agonizing election season!  

I'll be talking about things that have little bearing on the actual issues, since no candidates seem interested in MY personal #1 issue- the inevitable invasion of our dimension by hyperintelligent space goats.  

Ms Harwhinny will be responding to the same questions as the candidates and out-professional-ing them at every turn!

If you're interested in watching, the debate begins sometime around 8:30 PM EST...or whenever the candidates pull themselves away from the body politic's collective posterior.

And remember, tonight's coverage is brought to you by Bagpipes O'Toole Vodka-Flavored Scotch!  The ONLY scotch that comes with a free knife in every can!

VoteHorseDem01 by PixelKitties
SisterhoovesHORSE by PixelKitties

Pictured: Horse 
MacBee by PixelKitties
 First of all, this weekend's pony episode, Brotherhooves Social, was one of my favorites of the entire season.  Big Mac has become such a sweet and compelling character with his own motivations, insecurities, hidden talents and adorable quirks.  Who would have thought that the big, red pony of few words (, really) could have so much to say about friendship, family and even fashion!  His speech at the finale of the episode was one of the most touching and heartfelt moments in six seasons of Friendship is Magic.  Kudos and thanks to my awesome, talented and awesomely-talented friend Peter New for his funny/feel-filled performance and writer Dave Polsky for one of my favorite episodes out of a favorite-filled season. 

Second, I wanted to share a quick run-down of where you can find me other than Deviant Art.

HorseDebate03 by PixelKitties

Over on my Tumblr, I post the same art I do here, so if DA is ever herping the derp and not displaying images correctly (Pffft like that ever happens.  All the time.) you can hop over there and see the latest pony whatevers.  I also post certain things exclusively to Tumblr like my ongoing coverage of Ms Harshwhinny's #VoteHorse presidential campaign.

CQbfzRPWIAAB-r2 by PixelKitties

My twitter account is where I post random junk of interest to me, myself and likely nobody else.  I talk about beers, toys, horror movies more beer and...did I mention beer?  In addition, I live tweet SPOILER-heavy commentary on the new MLP episodes every Saturday as well as presidential debate drinking games.  I also update/check my twitter far more often than is healthy, so if you're trying to get a hold of me, that's probably the place. 

LegoCheer by PixelKitties

Finally, I have an Instagram account where I post primarily toy photography including lego minifigures, Monster High, Ever After High, ponies, GI Joe, Star Wars and other series. 

And that's it!  If you'd like to interact with me on any of these sites, please feel free to add me or say just say hi!

Hope everyone is having a great weekend and enjoying the encroaching autumn!  
InternationalBeerDay by PixelKitties

Just a reminder that, while my favorite blue magic horse is infamous for sowing discontent among the population of Ponyville, I prefer peace to chaos!  

Pretty please please please with an IPA on top, don't start continue or finish fights with other posters in the comments.  Keep things light. Opinions are like nipples- everybody has them and it's not nice to spend too much time fixated on someone elses.  Unless they ask you to.  Then it's probably impolite not to look.

I'm not actually sure where that metaphor was going.

Anyway, just keep things polite and respectful.  I hate having to wipe out entire conversations because of fights, insults or name-calling.  I DO encouraging discussion, comradery, horse puns and beer reviews.  Just don't call someone a Shit Crap Burger from the Turd Nepula.  Unless that's actually their screenname. 

Another thing I'd like to address is permission for using my various assets and arts.  I REALLY don't mind if you re-use or incorporate my stuff into your own projects.  Though, please don't just repost or reupload my stuff wholecloth and claim it as your own.  That's just lazy, and do you know what rhymes with lazy?  Um...hazy?  Hmmm...

The only exception to this is my official works for Hasbro, We Love Fine, Enterplay, etc.  Those aren't actually mine anymore so they can't be yours either!

Otherwise feel free to make bases, use assets, remake, interpret or print out and fold my stuff into very clever paper airplanes.  I do really like seeing what folks come up with, so feel free to show me what you've made!  But don't worry about writing and asking for my express permission as I almost never remember to check my messages and you'll probably have to wait a million trillion years for a response.  Maybe longer!

Finally, here's a Popple!  Talk soon!

Popples1 by PixelKitties
ThroneCHair by PixelKitties

Greetings all!  

Arghlebargle!  I'm SO sorry I've been out of pocket for SO long.  Despite best efforts, work has consumed me and I haven't had much time for more than being annoying on twitter. However I have a backlog of pony things, both official and fan-related, that I'll start posting again soon.  Also, the demands of my job are easing up a wee bit so I hope to return to posting semi-regular stuff.  

Also, also Monday was National Drink Beer Day, so if you missed that, be sure and make up for it ASAP.

I hope everyone has been well and has lots of cool/exciting stuff going on as summer winds down and we bluster into autumn.  Take care and talk soon!
Happy Day-After Star Wars Day!

Didn't have time to make a new Star Wars Pony crossover thing this year, so instead I celebrated May The Fourth by posting a bunch of action figure photos from the strange alien world that is my garden.  How did you spend your unofficial geek holy day?

20150216 153809 Lls by PixelKitties
20150504 114304 Lls by PixelKitties
20150504 122600 Lls-1 by PixelKitties
20150504 125723 Lls by PixelKitties
20150504 131933 Lls-1 by PixelKitties
20150504 132951 Lls by PixelKitties
20150504 134031 Lls-1 by PixelKitties
20150504 131443 Lls by PixelKitties
For those who may not have heard, Sean Rey, the victim of a terrible hit and run incident, passed away on Saturday.  I am sorry that I didn't get to know Sean.  I know he was a fellow mlp fan, a hard working young man who was loved by his friends, his family and his community.  That he was a good person, just trying to live a life and that that he was taken away far, far too soon.  

Though I didn't know Sean, his passing deeply affected me.  When I heard the sad news Saturday evening, I found myself identifying with his family and the struggle they now face.  A few short years ago, my sister and I sat where they are.  We lost my mother after many surgeries and an agonizing cycle of recovery and disappointment we found ourselves without someone we love, who we couldn't imagine life without.  We were listing in a sea of anguish, craving a moment to steady ourselves and find some moment of peace to grieve.  But death is not kind, nor is the system of responsibilities that come immediately after.  There are a million decisions to make, forms to fill out, calls to make, fights with insurance companies, meetings with funeral professionals, forced smiles.  There's hospital bills and burial costs.  There's pain and oceans of tears that color the whole world as you try to bear up and do what needs done.  It's surreal and it's traumatic in its own way- forcing you to deal with death without having the span of two breaths to deal with the loss.  

I was surprised how hard Sean's passing hit me and how much pain it brought rushing back.  I think his mother's strength, her posts and thankfulness reminded me of my own mom and it opened up the wounds of her loss that simply have never healed. But my feelings, my experiences when we lost her are not unique.  We've all been there, or we'll all be there.  

It's not within mine or anyone else's ability to undo the pain and loss Sean's family is feeling right now.  But we can still help.  There has been a tremendous, inspiring outpouring of kindness and generosity in supporting Sean's GoFund me for his surgeries and recovery.  All I ask is this- please don't stop.  If you were thinking about helping, please do so.  We can still help Sean by making sure his family has a few less bills to worry about, a few less worries about how to lay their loved one to rest.  

If you can, please, help.  But it's not a competition, if you can give a dollar, give a dollar.  If you can let others know about Sean's fundraising page, do that.  Whatever you can do to ease the Rey family's burden, however large or small, the effort is not wasted. 

Something else I want to mention- this isn't just about My Little Pony or fandoms. This is about being human and about being there to do what we can for someone in need.  It was Sean's love of a cartoon that brought his plight to our attention, but don't forget that it was his plight that spoke to our hearts.  Don't confuse the desire to do good in the world and make a difference with the obligations of following a cartoon or being a fan.  There is a connection, but they are not the same thing.  

Someday- maybe soon, hopefully far longer, we will all face the agony of loss.  We'll all find ourselves adrift, feeling lost and alone when we most need stability and fellowship.  A hand reaching out, a dollar donated, a word of kindness can make all the difference in the world.  

Thank you for taking the time to read, thanks for keeping Sean and his family in your thoughts.  

Here's the link to Sean's GoFundMe page.  
Hospital S2E13 by PixelKitties

On April 2, 2015 Sean Rey was the victim of a an awful hit and run while riding his bicycle to work.  Two cars hit Sean, both drivers fled the scene leaving Sean terribly injured.  Sean has no insurance and his family is facing not only the emotionally devestating aftermath of this accident but overwhelming medical bills for Sean's hospital stay and ongoing care. 

Sean, like myself and many folks reading this is a fan of My Little Pony- Friendship is Magic.  Our community is based around a show that teaches the need for kindness, empathy and generosity.  I like to believe the vast majority of us take that message to heart whenever possible. 

Sean and his family need help and we have the opportunity to reach out to them and make a difference in their lives at this most devestating of times.  If you can, PLEASE give to Sean's Go Fund Me campaign.  All proceeds go to his medical care and expenses. If you aren't in a position to donate, please consider helping to spread the word.

Once again, here's the page for Sean's Go Fund Me

Here's the news report on Sean's accident.

If you or someone you know is raising money for Sean's care via auctions or other means, and you need incentive items, please don't hesitate to contact me.  I would be honored to donate craft items like keys and book boxes, art, commissions, and autographed mlp memorabilia. 

Thanks for reading. 
Well, March 5 is my actual birthday, although we'll actually be celebrating proper by beer-crawling through Pittsburgh on Saturday the 7th!  

Usually I draw a picture of my OC Horse on my birthday, but I've been too busy with job stuff and being a time travel jet pilot karate expert.   Have a picture of Other Pixel instead-

Pixel Pizazz Pone by PixelKitties

Thanks for all the kind birthday wishes!  <3 you all and wish my liver and I luck for the weekend!