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Based on the notes and messages I've been getting, folks seem concerned that I have been captured by the Illuminati and forced to fight in the underground thumb-wrestling circuit.  

No worries my friends!  The truth is far less exciting and, sadly, doesn't come with an awesome Champeenship Belt.

Babscon is coming up supah fast and while work has plot-blocked me from attending, I am making art for the entire cast and crew.  That's over 20 VIPs.  That's 20 unique pictures of ponies doing pony stuff for awesome people I admire and want to impress.  Most of the requests came in the latter half of March so time has definitively NOT been on my side. 

Over the past two weeks, when not in the office I've been locked away in my art tower making pones making pones and making pones.

Stress level high.  Sleep level low.  Ability to form coherent sendance ort wasddl flud.

So, rest assured I am neither missing nor Middleweight Thumb Wrestling Champeen of the NorthEast.  

And, like you dear reader,  I find that news a little disappointing.
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from johnjoseco

Yesterday was a fantastic birthday filled with more wishes and art than I could have ever hoped for!  Thank you EVERYBODY for taking the time out of your day to wish me well on DA, Twitter, Tumblr, and IRL!  I feel tremendously thankful and blessed to count you all as friends.  I wouldn't be here, doing this pony thing, without you all to accompany along the way.  

It's the community and the joy of experiencing it all together that makes a fandom worthwhile.  And I'm honored to be a part of this one!

Thank you all so much!  You have ALL my love and appreciation! 

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Happy Birthday Me- 1950s-ish Pixel by PixelKitties
March 5 is my actual, honest to goodness, true-to-life birthday!  The sneaky Mr. Kitties has some kind of surprise party/event/ambush planned for me this weekend.  But to celebrate the actual date of my birthaversary I plan to take tomorrow off and make the most of the day.  Or, in this case, make the least of the day!  I'm taking off work to eat tacos, drink beer, and sit on my butt for 24 solid hours of remembering why I was put on this earth: To utilize the power of gravity to hold down a sofa.  

If you'd like to celebrate a bit with me, I plan to start the day off around 11 am EST with the two best-ever episodes of My Little Pony- Friendship is Magic!  Over at my infrequently-used Livestream channel I'm going to show a great and powerful double feature of Boast Busters and Magic Duel!  Feel free to stop by and say hello or just lurk quietly in the corner taking in the glory of best pony!  

And if I haven't had a chance to thank you personally for the multitude of birthday wishes, I will soon!  But until then, THANK YOU SO MUCH!  I appreciate all the kind words to help me get through another year of being old and progressively less hip!
Coco Pommel 50s Pony by PixelKitties

I've been getting quite a few birthday wishes here on DA- which is great!  But I think Deviant Art may have herped the derpday since my actual birthaversary isn't until March 5.

That said, I appreciate all the well-wishes!  Getting older kind of stinks, but having friends like you guys and gals makes it much, much better!
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AJOut02 by PixelKitties

As of now I'm behind on pretty much everything.  Work, ponies, curing cooties, competing on the US Olympic Curling Team.  Last weekend, Mr. Kitties and I rushed to prepare for closing on our old home.  We weren't in any way prepared to sell when someone from the old neighborhood made us a generous and unexpected offer.  Unfortunately it came with a lot of rushing to fix what needed fixed and move our remaining belongings out with less than two week's notice.  
But, we did it!  Unfortunately it meant shuffling everything else aside. Now, this week, I'm struggling to catch up.  I've got work stuff, official stuff, convention stuff, comic stuff, and stuff that is downright unclassifiable overflowing my generally-overfilled plate!

The bright spot was this week's MLP episode Simple Ways!  I honestly wasn't very excited about it.  After the past few weeks with Discord and Weird Al, it was hard to get hype for what looked like another "Rarity falls for a total douche baron" plot.  

Great googly moogly was I wrong!

I had a fantastic time with the sheer silliness of watching Rarity and AJ play off of each other.  Sure, it WAS a callback to Look Before You Sleep, but their dynamic is more-than deserving of a sequel.  And what a sequel it was!  Rarity's accent, Spike's nod to the audience, Trenderhoof's insufferable hipster-ness, pure premium shipping fuel, I LOVE BEING COVERED IN MUD and AppleJewel's sheer fabulousness made for one of my favorite episode of the season- and seeing as how great this season has been, that's saying something! 

All that being said, I'm curious what everyone else thought- not just of this episode, although that's certainly on my mind.  But as we approach the halfway point, what are your top episodes of Season 4? Let me know in the comments! 

Feb09 2014 by PixelKitties

Hi Everyone,

I realize I've been hitting your inboxes pretty hard lately with the fundraising efforts for Michael Morones, and I apologize for inundating you with updates and further requests for aid.  

The fantastic news is that between the two auctions and a my donation we've raised $2200 for Michael and his family!  The response to this tragedy has been nothing short of inspiring and I can't thank everyone enough for stepping up with love and support and for such unbelievable compassion and generosity. 

I had planned to stop with the two auctions last week, but G.M. Berrow, author of the fantastic series of MLP  official novels asked me to run one more with a treasure trove of her priceless pony possessions.  And she's not the only one.  Andrea Libman, Matt Hill, Tabitha St Germain and Peter New also offered their own autographed prints and memorabilia.  I'm awed by their kindness and willingness to help and certainly couldn't say no to so many incredible people I admire.   

So, without further babbling from me- HERE'S THE AUCTION

MAc01 by PixelKitties

3 My Little Pony novels signed by author G.M. Berrow- Twilight Sparkle and the Crystal Heart Spell, Rainbow Dash and The Daring Do Double Dare and  Equestria Girls Through the Mirror

1 Rarity Gummy Figure

1 My Little Pony Stuck on Stories sticker book.

MAc07 by PixelKitties

Custom autographed picture of Fluttershy and Pinkie Pie, signed by voice actor Andrea Libman

A limited edition, Ponycon AU autographed picture of Big McIntosh signed by voice actor Peter New

MAc05 by PixelKitties

Princess Luna Print Signed by voice actor Tabitha St. Germain

MAc10 by PixelKitties

Three autographs from actor Matt Hill featuring his characters Ed from Ed, Edd, and Eddy, Soarin from My Little Pony, and Raphael from Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles

MAc04 by PixelKitties

Autographed print from MLP Novel author G.M. Berrow

MAc11 by PixelKitties

Bat Country and Nightmares posters, available signed or unsigned by artist pixelkitties

MAc08 by PixelKitties

1 Medium Harmony Book Box

MAc06 by PixelKitties

30- 2.25" buttons  and 11 Pony soda parody labels/stickers

MAc03 by PixelKitties

1 Comicon Exclusive My Little Pony Unicorn Horn signed by writer G.M. Berrow and a Rainbow Dash folder signed by writer G.M. Berrow

MAc09 by PixelKitties

1 bottle of Rainbow Honey Rainbow Dash nail polish


 If you can't make a bid right now, you can still offer words of support to Michael on both FACEBOOK and TWITTER

And, of course, keeping Michael and his family in your thoughts, wishes and prayers is greatly appreciated as well.

Seriously, I don't have words right now, and as anyone who has ever suffered the Oregon Trail-like journey that is one of my blogs you understand how serious that is. 

As of this morning, Michael's fundraiser started by the fabulous EileMonty is sitting at TEN THOUSAND dollars!  I can't even.  

In addition, my ebay auction is up a mind-blowing $885.  Keep in mind, when the auction ends, that will all be coming from a single doner.  I still can't even. 

I am so proud and so overjoyed to be even a tiny part of this community.  It's not often you get to be surrounded by so many kind, generous and brilliant people- let alone have the honor of calling you my friends.  Thank you.  I cannot speak for Michael or his family, but from me- personally- THANK YOU for rising to this occasion and rallying around this tragedy.  Thank you for proving that this community- and the people in it- are something to be proud of.

That being said, today I would like to keep this ball rolling.  I have started a new auction with the help of my friends Buttons and Rhyme Scheme who have generously donated some wonderful and rare items in addition to my own assorted pony things and stuff.  

1- Deluxe Blu Ray and DVD 2 disk set of Bronies The Documentary, signed by Tara Strong, John de Lancie and Lauren Faust.  That's right, the pony trinity has graced this item with their autographs and it can be YOURS!  Your OWN!  Your PRECIOUS!  This item generously donated by Rhyme Scheme.

Map2006 by PixelKitties

1-Adorable Snowdrop plush made by Cutie Corral and donated by Buttons.  This is one of only two ever made!

Map2007 by PixelKitties

4- 11x17" posters designed by dumb old me including Standing Ovation, Trotcon 2012 convention print, and Jason Takes Manehattan.  Best of all you get the only copy of my brand spanking new Welcome To Bat Country print!

Map2002 by PixelKitties

25- 3x5" convention prints- the very same I sell at my table, except you can have them in one fell swoop!  Yes, yes, we all know swooping is bad.  We'll make an exception in this case. 

Map2003 by PixelKitties

43- 2.25" buttons.  Again, the entire collection from my convention table EXCEPT you get them all at once PLUS three bonus buttons: I Believe in MA Larson, I Believe in Tacos and Beer and Chaurus Egg!

OtherButtons by PixelKitties

1-Vinyl tablet computer cover in faux book style with Harmony Storybook horse design.  Please note, the gold emblem has minor stress fractures and is not flawless.  Right now we are out of the various book box parts and this is an earlier prototype.  However, seeing as how I can no longer get the Verso Prologue book covers, it's the last of its kind!  Tablet cover fits Ipad2 and 3 as well as my 10" Galaxy Tab 2.

Map2004 by PixelKitties

1- ComicCon 2013 Funko Crystal Rainbow Dash.  1008 piece limited edition.  SO SHINY!

Map2005 by PixelKitties

In addition to there are other fantastic ways to support Michael.

Eileen's fundraiser is still ongoing and looking to hit a new goal of $20,000.00.  DONATE HERE!

Sophillia is hosting an auction for a gorgeous rarity plush to benefit Michael.  You can Bid on that RIGHT HERE!

My ORIGINAL AUCTION is still ongoing and the NEW AUCTION I is just getting started.

You can follow Michael's progress and send messages of support on FACEBOOK as well as TWITTER

And, of course, keeping Michael and his family in your thoughts, wishes and prayers is appreciated as well.

Take care for now everyone!  I will continue to update as the day goes on and news rolls in.  And THANK YOU for everything you've done to make the best we can out of a tragic situation.  

I find it hard to talk about this situation without tearing up, but here goes.

For those who haven't heard, Michael Morones is an amazing little boy who has experienced significant and persistent harassment and bullying because of his love of My Little Pony.  So much so that this week Michael attempted to take his own life.  He is currently in a coma and seems to have has suffered brain damage.  His family is now faced with mounting medical expenses, lost work time, and the horror and stress of seeing their sweet, amazing child suffer.

For those who would like to reach out to Michael and his family or follow Michael's progress and recovery, you can do so via both Facebook and Twitter

Donations directly to Michael's family can be made through paypal using this email address-

UPDATE-  The phenomenal Eileen Montgomery is heading up a GoFundMe campaign page for Michael.  Head over there and drop some funds.  The $5000 goal isn't far away!

Sophillia is also hosting an auction benefiting Michael's recovery fund.  Hers is for an incredibly beautiful and fabulous plush Rarity.  Check it out and place your bids!

I am also running an ebay auction with all proceeds going to Michael and his family.  

An 11x17" print featuring Spike the Dragon and Mayor Mare, signed by their voice actor Cathy Weseluck and a first edition printing of the book Twilight Sparkle and the Crystal Heart Spell, signed by author G.M. Berrow.

Ma005 by PixelKitties

Ma006 by PixelKitties

The complete set of out-of-print official 11x17" My Little Pony posters.  Styles included are Season 2 Cast, Antagonists, Royal Wedding, and Equestria Map

Ma007 by PixelKitties

Fifty-six of my convention prints.  Close to every print I've ever had at a con can be yours in one fell swoop.

Ma004 by PixelKitties

If there's something from my gallery that you don't see here, and you win the auction, let me know and I'll make it happen.

43 buttons including all the ones I've retired. ALSO, though not listed on ebay, but I will include the I Believe In MA Larson button, the I Believe in Tacos and Beer button, AND a Chaurus Egg Button.

Ma002 by PixelKitties

OtherButtons by PixelKitties

My new Alicorn Amulet blank notebook with fabric cover, silver page edges and laser-etched  symbol on the front cover.  The notebook is the first version of the Black Alicorn Amluet books I will be selling at conventions and on Etsy later this year.  This copy will be the only one made with the crystal version of the Alicorn Amulet. 

Ma003 by PixelKitties

Thanks to everyone for checking in.  If you can, please take a look at the auction or make a donation to Michael.  If you can't, then please keep Michael in your thoughts and prayers.  I will try and keep this journal updated as information changes and other ways to help become available. 

Jan25 2014a by PixelKitties

Well, a tumblr at least.  Which is like a musical!  Except without the music.  Or coherence.  Or happy ending.  

I've turned AJ and her/my obsession into a little blog made up of re-imagined scenes from recent episodes.  Same lovable farm pony, different type of bumper crop.

Once again, thanks to EVERYONE for all the support, kindness, advice, fan art and pep talks this week.  I want to thank everyone personally, but that may be an ongoing task with the sheer volume of notes, emails, tweets, asks and messages. 

Buy The Ticket, Take The Ride by PixelKitties

Also, as I mentioned on my DA pic, I'm going to stop uploading full comics immediately after the new episodes.  It causes some drama and I just don't want that. I want everyone to feel good, get along, and enjoy the wealth of new pony we're smack in the middle of right now.  I'll wait an hour or two to upload and ask EQD to just lump my comics in with the rest of the new episode ones later on Saturday.  

Hope everyone has a fantastic and WARM weekend ahead!  Thanks for being so good to me, for being a part of my life, and for accompanying me on this road to tiny horse amusement!  

With all sincerity and from the bottom of my heart- thank you!  I love you all and am so glad to be a part of this community!

Soapbox by PixelKitties

I am really sorry to have had any part in yet another steaming bag of fan drama being dumped on our collective Canterlot doorstep.

Thanks everyone for being so kind and supportive and for tolerating my ridiculously long post. I'm in awe, actual, slack-jawed, glazed expression awe over the outpouring of support and good mojo from folks.

I shouldn't need to say this, but please DO NOT resort to death threats or ANY kind of harm directed at the MLPArtConfessions blog. As sentient adult human creatures we are more than capable of disagreeing with words that don't invoke violence. Seriously, don't. DO NOT. DONUT.  We are better than this. I don't care if it is "just the internet" everyone needs to get over the knee-jerk reaction to start slinging threats and violence around as if it means nothing.  My friends are not sadists or bullies.  

For the past two days I've been weeding death, rape and all sorts of violent imagery out of my inbox because of an outright lie posted to Cheezburger dot com.  I abhor and cringe the cringe of a thousand cringing suns at the thought of someone else, ANYONE ELSE, being treated to that- especially it happening in my name.


To everyone else thank you for the groundswell of support! Thank you for being amazing friends of the non-spider man variety (Except for you Firestar. I know we're tight.) And thank you for being willing to read and listen and understand where slander and drama like this comes from without resorting immediately to pitchforks and torches.

And to whoever started this kerfuffle, I'm sorry you felt the need to resort to lying and fakery to get your feelings out there and be heard. I understand that our fandom or community or whatever you want to call it is well established at this point. There are traditions, personalities, good things bad things and downright stupid things that are written into the fandom's DNA. It's SO much harder to distinguish yourself and make a name when you're entering an entrenched fandom, versus the wild, carefree days when folks like me got involved. Seriously, there were dinosaur riders and viking hats and I saw Living Tombstone kill a guy with a trident. It was awesome.

I understand it can be hard and frustrating to establish yourself or even people you admire who may not have the biggest name or following- yet. Keep at it, remain positive and develop a reputation for reliability, decency, quality and simple kindness. You'd be amazed how far just being a decent human being will take you.

If someone is popular, please understand it's not a slight against others nor a reflection on your character or quality of work. Don't feel wrapped up in dumb things like favs and follows. Keep in mind there's a person behind the screenname. A person who slaves over the thing they love, who puts real time and real effort into their passion. Somewhere along the line, possibly before you climbed out of the Equestrian primordial ooze, they did something that resonated with people, that made an impact. That made them worthwhile. And even if they didn't and instead coasted on sheer charisma and rainbows, remember this-

Popularity is fleeting.

That's not a cliché, it's fact. Fandoms live and breathe and fade away in the blink of an eye. Internet likes don't go on your resume and Golden Muffin Awards are not something you can list in your CV. But your work- and the relationships with others you establish- will shape you and be an important part of your growth as an artist/musician/videographer and plain old human being, potentially your entire life. Keep your focus there, let the rest of it- including popularity- come as it will. And even if you never get to be king or queen of special snowflake mountain, then just get a great job doing what you love and make lots of money. That's better anyway.

My guiding light in this thing has been to do what I do without drama, without unkindness or indecency and without annoying self promotion. I just like ponies. And I plan to continue liking ponies till the fandom is gone and there's nobody left but myself and the rubble. And maybe Firestar. 

Charus by PixelKitties

So, this is a thing, apparently.

It was posted to, followed by Reddit, then spread to Tumblr.   My instinct, at first, was to just ignore it because it's obviously just a case of someone, I would guess a kid based on the grammar, not quite getting the joke or missing my text description on the original pic.

But now that I'm getting an inbox full of notices and “ER MER GERD” reactions about it I suppose I should point out what the original poster, Dadarin at and (the same person I think?) DayDaylicky on Reddit carefully removed from their crop of the image and my text.  People are sending me the usual cavalcade of UNFOLLOW CHEATER!!!!ONECAPSLOCK along with a smattering of death threats, rape threats and a few heartfelt- and heart-breakingly sincere questions as to whether it's true or not. 

So let's lay this out nice and tidy. 

First, here's what I said about the comic in the description text

After watching this week's episode, I thought i would be amusing if Applejack shared my enthusiasm for giant subterranean insect eggs.  I recreated several scenes from Rainbow Falls with the addition of...

Well, you know.

Here's a link to the original post for the Applejack Loves Chaurus Eggs comic here on Deviant Artand Tumblr

The humor, and I use that term very loosely when it comes to obscure jokes revolving around video game insect larvae, comes from the idea that these are the EXACT same scenes from Rainbow Falls. Except, instead of Apple Brown Bettys, Applejack spends the episode hocking, flinging, and force-feeding Chaurus eggs. Chaurus eggs are the unhatched larvae of underground giant insects in the video game Skyrim. I like them because they glow and roll around and are generally appealing in a slimy bug-egg-y kind of way.

SO, in order to get across the point that this is a skewed version of the episode where Applejack is as obsessed with the damn things as I seem to be, I made the scenes look exact. Well, truth be told, not even very exact. I'm lazy when it comes to a joke that I alone will likely find funny, so I left off leaves, gave up on clouds, screwed up Rainbow Dash's leg cast, used my own version of Bulk Biceps cutie mark which isn't quite show-accurate and pretty much herped- the-derp all over the place. Still, the point is I wanted to make the scene look pretty close. Again, I feel the need to point out THAT is the joke.

In order to achieve that- in order to convince the viewer that they're watching an off-kilter version of the episode (and, I might add, their familiarity WITH that scene, the viewer's ability to recognize that this is the same moment they just watched a couple days prior, is an important part of the set-up) I rebuilt the scene layer by layer. Did my dumb head come up with AJ's pose or the design of the cart or scenery around her or even the texture of the path? Nope. But you're supposed to know that. The idea, the joke is in the logical disconnect. If you can see it's the scene from Rainbow Falls but certain details, like said insect larvae, don't correlate then you “get it”.

That's the joke.

I've used that joke a few times in the past- most notably prior to Equestria Girls release where I made a series of images based on stills from the trailer.

In this case, what Dadarin/DayDaylicky did do dood was take that joke, remove the context around it, remove the other three images that create the entire cycle (all of which are equally parodying specific scenes from the most recent episode) AND remove my description which calls attention to the original source of the imagery and instead constructs a falsified breakdown of how the image is a cheat, complete with a long, angry rant and animated gifs. It sure looks damnable. Hell, I'd hoist that ass Pixelkitties up by her own petard too (whatever that is.)

Thing is- it's just not the case. The context is false and the only “cheat” is in implying the dumb joke is anything other than what It is- a decently constructed shot-by-shot parody of a specific scene from an episode we are all intimately familiar with right now.

If you look through my gallery, I have done a ridonkulous amount of work in recreating the style of the show. Some of the assets I've made and use come directly from the episodes. Most are things I've had to invent- facial expressions, body poses, props, clothing, mane-styles. Ipods, weapons, pastries, monster, bottles of beer, parachutes, all-night diners, sonic screwdrivers, corn-cob pipes, space suits, refrigerators, Hellraiser boxes, Mjolnir armor, cars, portal guns, flashlights, portable generators, sea mines, tacos, power loaders and Stargates. It's not great art, it's not rocket science, but it's not easy either, and THIS IS IMPORTANT; I take a significant amount of pride in the work I do- in recreating and re-imagining the MLP world with a slightly bizarre tweak here and there. I work hard on these things. I take pride in these things. I care about the effort I put into these things.

I'm not sure where this need to tear down our community is coming from. There's been a lot of it lately- anger and resentment and even jealousy because of- what? Deviant Art favs? Tumblr reblogs? Page views? “So-and-so artist or musician has unfairly benefited because I say so- and thus folks must invent conspiracies to tarnish their image.”

Unfortunately it happens to be MY image in this case.

I am here, I am a part of this fandom because of my love for this show, my respect for the people who bring it to us, and my joy at being a fan among many, many others. I am NOT here to play petty internet games, to start or prolong drama or wade through the muck and mire in order to best someone at the game of who has the most pointless internet cred. I'm here to chew bubblegum and draw ponies. And I don't particularly like bubblegum. Criticism doesn't offend me. Telling me I'm not funny, my art sucks and I stink like cheese doesn't' offend me. But pettiness, divisiveness, and outright lies offend me. Make no mistake, I am offended. And I am hurt. And I am desperately unhappy with this crap.

DaDarin/DayDaylicky/Whoever, I'm sorry you either didn't get the joke or, alternately I'm sorry I didn't do a proper job in making the structure of the comedy clear. I would like to believe your motivations were born out of ignorance and not malice. Then again, I would also like to believe the money fairy will leave me a stack of crisp Benjamins under my pillow in exchange for a tooth- my own or otherwise.  I suspect this is really a matter of trying to make me look like an ass for one of the precious few reasons I'm not an actual ass.

The fact I have to defend my integrity against a goddamn word jumble on Cheezburger has me seriously questioning why I should even bother with this madness. 

So...uh, TLDR- I'm not an ass, the point of the parody is the similarity to the source material, hallelujah, holy shit. 

Coco presents a trophy to Rarity S4E08 by PixelKitties

Before anything else, I want to sincerely thank everyone who voted me Best Fan Artist in Bronyville's Golden Muffin Awards.  In all honesty, I didn't expect to be nominated, let alone get any votes, let a lone win!  I cried.  I am a big old emotional softy and the outpouring of support I felt in winning that silly little internet award was overwhelming.  To be fair, I'm also easily distracted by shiny objects, but the sentiment remains.  =)  I found out later the panel also voted me Best Human which is even more awesome.  I love drawing ponies, I really do.  It's not a business for me, it's not something I do for accolades or money or attention.  I was drawing ponies when I had 3 followers and I still draw them under the same motivation- because its fun.  But one thing I will always take pride in is being a good person.  I'd be happy to be known as worst artist if I could still be seen as a good, honest, kind and generous human-type creature. 

I strive to keep my love for this silly show about cute horses strong in my own heart as well as doing everything I can to be a credit to my community and make folks happy.

If I can toot my own horn just a little bit more (and trust me, I feel bad for even this amount of tooting!) I'm also proud to be We Love Fine's Mighty Fine Artist of the Month!  I actually received the email just a few minutes before the Golden Muffin Awards so it made for a pretty exciting Sunday!

The convention season is starting to pick up steam and I'm still planning on which ones I'll be and when.  Right now, here's what its looking like for me-

August 2-4 Bronycon- Baltimore, Maryland USA (Mr. Kitties and my sister will run our table while I'm in Germany, assuming we're selected to vend at Bronycon)

There are a few more I'm looking at, although it looks like the summer is pretty close to capacity right now!  Need more Autumn conventions!

Concerning Book Boxes  on my Etsy Store- we're still working on getting more out and hope to post those soon.  The holidays wiped us out on materials and stocks but in just a couple weeks I hope to have more up, including some fancy new styles!

That's it for now! I have more things I want to announce...but still can't!  Hopefully soon!  Until then, I hope everyone is having a great new year and is ready for a fantastic 2014 of Season 4 pony...and 2015 of SEASON 5 PONY!  

Take care everyone and talk soon!

AlicornAmuletBook by PixelKitties

The time has come to close the book on another year, and I don't want to waste your important partying time with a lot of jibba-jabba, but thanks everyone for another fantastic year!  We got off to a bit of a rought start with things like Las Pegasus Unicon, Alicorn Twilight and Equestria Girls.  But as time has gone on, as with most shake-ups and flare-ups, we adapted overcame, and perceived.  

It's a wonderful thing being a part of this community.  We have a new year of brightly colored candy horses ahead of us and...well, knows what is to come after that!  I'm sure there will be more bizarre, unwanted developments (Rainbow Power is looking to be the next likely development!) but whatever comes I plan to still be here and hope you will be as well!  

Thanks everyone for 2013.  Now let's get out there and kick 2014's sorry butt!

PS- Butts.
Hearth's Warming Eve 2013 by PixelKitties

I will be gone to visit family over the next several days, but I wanted to make sure and wish everyone here on DA the happiest and warmest of holidays (or holiday breaks if you're not actually celebrating anything!)

This has been a FANTASTIC year.  It's obviously had its ups and downs and our fair share of Las Pegasus Unicons and Alicorn Twilights.  But as in most things, the good- the WONDERFUL, even- far outweighs the bad.  Being one of those crusty old timers who've been here from almost the start, it's amazing and truly touching to see this thing stretch into its fourth season and third year...and maybe beyond?

Whatever the future holds, I am overjoyed to be a part of it and to count all of you as my friends.  It's been a wonderful year filled with so many people and things to be thankful for.  Here's to another!

So in closing, let me just say THANK YOU to all of you for making this a year to remember!  If you'd like to watch my live mental degredation as the egg-nog and beer flow this holiday, feel free to  stop by my Twitter PixelKitties.  Otherwise take care, be merry and most of all, as my friend foalpapers is fond of saying- Be excellent to each other.
DaringFan by PixelKitties

Things have been so busy busy busy this week I totally forgot to ask everyone what they thought of the latest My Little Smallhorse epic Daring Don't!  I understand it ruffled a few pony feathers but overall the reception seems to have been mostly positive.  I think most of us looked at that frumpy pre-release image of A.K. Yearling and guessed at the reveal, but I was expecting her to be an older pony writing of her exploits during her adventure-filled youth.  I was pretty surprised when it turned out she not only WAS Daring Do but she IS Daring Do and smack-dab in the middle of shenanigans. 

I think my favorite bit was simply the commentary on fandoms and fan-worship.  Dash and Twilight's argument over esoteric facts from the series was spot on, as was Dash's bordering-on-creepy adoration of Daring.  But, like all fan-creator-literary character come-to-life relationships it's symbiotic.  We need our heroes to worship and follow like a nerdy religion and they need us to support their efforts, cheer them on and- occasionally- help them save the from supervillains plucked from Aztec mythology!

As always, I'm anxious to hear what everyone else thinks!  Is Daring Don't an instant classic or destined for a big red sticker and the bargain bin at Books N' Stuff?

Book Boxes Now Available! by PixelKitties
Before I sign off for this week, I have news on the fancy book boxes!  I know plenty of folks still want a replica book under their Hearth's Warming Tree.  Mr. Kitties and I are endeavoring to get more boxes up on Etsy this coming Monday!  I will probably post the new books right around noon.  We plan on having the original horse-head version along with one or possibly two new designs based on the poll results

Keep an eye on my DA JournalTwitter and Tumblr and of course Etsy for the sales to go live!  As before, these things require A LOT of work and especially time.  We'll only have a few in stock and I expect they'll go fast (last time all six sold in around ten minuets) so if you want one don't hesitate!  These will probably be the last I can conceivably have ready to ship in time for Christmas.

Hope everyone is keeping warm and you have all your shopping done...I haven't even started!  Take care everyone, enjoy this week's episode and stop by to check out my new comic right after the new ep airs!

Happy holidays, all!

CastlevaniaFight01 by PixelKitties

What an episode we pony aficionados were treated to this week!  We got Castles, Mysterious Diaries, and further proof that all the ponies in this town really ARE crazy!

 Signs point to the affirmative that after the fantastic 2-part premier and the wonderfully fun and Season-1 reminiscent Episode 3, we're officially back on track for possibly the best pony ever.  

Despite my abject disappointment that the blue-hued and be-robed Pony of Shadows reveal was a certain Party Pony rather than Trixie, I came away from my viewing satisfied and feeling very hopeful for the rest of the season. 

In my very very humble opinion,  what many episodes in 2 and most in season 3 lacked was the dynamic that the characters are wonderful but also flawed.  Everypony became too nice and good and capable.  But in this episode, it was wall-to-wall neurosis, and I liked it!  Dash and AJ are competitive and sometimes forget being friends comes first.  Rarity is kind of selfish as well as generous. Fluttershy is so scared of things she shuts down, etc. Twilight is studious and smart, but...well, kind of a jerk to poor Spike!  And Pinkie's adorable charms definitely have a shelf life for those around her. This episode made the characters feel more...whole, with all their good and bad personality traits on full display. That and the Benny Hill style antics of all the ponies running about being spazzy spazzingtons was adorable and hilarious. 

If you're of the Twitter persuasion, be sure and follow and ;who storyboarded this very special episode, as well as the new MLP writer who knocked this episode out of the part!

I'm always interested what you all think, so let me know in the comments!  Also, what's your conspiracy theory as to who the mysterious being haunting the Castle of the Two Sisters REALLY is?
Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday.  To our modern understanding and sensibilities it can be hard to reconcile the historical record with what the day is supposed to represent.  When I was growing up, making hand-shaped turkeys in school, it was easy to buy into the feel-good story of European settlers and native people sitting down together for a communal feast.  Maybe it happened, it probably didn't, but what came later- disease, one-sided war, cruelty and inhumanity- of that we have no illusions.  Not anymore.  

But as our understanding and acceptance of the historical context has changed, the holiday itself has taken on its own meaning, tradition, and sensibilities.  Truthfully, we don't need pilgrims and falsehoods in order to have Thanksgiving. Family, fidelity, togetherness and-yes- even thankfulness are reason enough.

My mother passed away nearly five years ago.  Losing her was one of the most painful experiences of my life.  It was to her house the family gathered every year for Thanksgiving.  My clearest and most cherished memories of her take place around the holiday.  The busyness of her decorating and preparation.  The late night before and early morning of.  The joy she felt at having everyone she loved around her for that precious day. When I close my eyes I'm still 6 years old- footy pajamas in the kitchen, my entire world the smell of her cooking, the warmth of hugs.

I miss her every day- every moment of these past several years.  The pain dulls but the empty place in my heart is still there, always with me.  I wish she were here, now, to see what I've accomplished in my life.  I wish she were hear to be here with us all as we gather at my home, as I take up the mantel and do my best to fill her apron.

Thanksgiving isn't pilgrims or plenty to me.  It's the memories and gratitude I feel for having been blessed with an amazing family, loyal friends and a life filled with joys and wonders beyond counting or measure.  I am grateful for blessings big and small- not of the religious variety, but simply the minor and major wonders which shape me, have shaped me and will shape me.  

Alice Walker wrote one of my favorite novels- The Color Purple. Her prose is poetry, rich with warmth and wisdom.  Of thanks, she writes; “'Thank you' is the best prayer that anyone could say. I say that one a lot. Thank you expresses extreme gratitude, humility, understanding.”

Prayer isn't part of my life anymore.  Prayers are just wishes- and as with all wishes they tend to be selfish and misdirected.  But I do say thank you, sincerely, respectfully and with all the love in my heart.

To my husband, I thank you for loving me and protecting my fragile heart with loyalty and gentleness that borders on the divine.

To my sister, I thank you for giving me someone to never doubt, always admire and forever respect beyond words.

To my mother, I thank you for raising me, for loving me and for teaching me every lesson on kindness, love, generosity and faithfulness.

And to my friends, each of you whether I see you each day or have never met you in person- I say thank you for inspiring me and filling my life with laughter and joy.  

Happy Thanksgiving, my friends.  My family.  To each of you, one and all- Thank you.