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Happy Day-After Star Wars Day!

Didn't have time to make a new Star Wars Pony crossover thing this year, so instead I celebrated May The Fourth by posting a bunch of action figure photos from the strange alien world that is my garden.  How did you spend your unofficial geek holy day?

20150216 153809 Lls by PixelKitties
20150504 114304 Lls by PixelKitties
20150504 122600 Lls-1 by PixelKitties
20150504 125723 Lls by PixelKitties
20150504 131933 Lls-1 by PixelKitties
20150504 132951 Lls by PixelKitties
20150504 134031 Lls-1 by PixelKitties
20150504 131443 Lls by PixelKitties
For those who may not have heard, Sean Rey, the victim of a terrible hit and run incident, passed away on Saturday.  I am sorry that I didn't get to know Sean.  I know he was a fellow mlp fan, a hard working young man who was loved by his friends, his family and his community.  That he was a good person, just trying to live a life and that that he was taken away far, far too soon.  

Though I didn't know Sean, his passing deeply affected me.  When I heard the sad news Saturday evening, I found myself identifying with his family and the struggle they now face.  A few short years ago, my sister and I sat where they are.  We lost my mother after many surgeries and an agonizing cycle of recovery and disappointment we found ourselves without someone we love, who we couldn't imagine life without.  We were listing in a sea of anguish, craving a moment to steady ourselves and find some moment of peace to grieve.  But death is not kind, nor is the system of responsibilities that come immediately after.  There are a million decisions to make, forms to fill out, calls to make, fights with insurance companies, meetings with funeral professionals, forced smiles.  There's hospital bills and burial costs.  There's pain and oceans of tears that color the whole world as you try to bear up and do what needs done.  It's surreal and it's traumatic in its own way- forcing you to deal with death without having the span of two breaths to deal with the loss.  

I was surprised how hard Sean's passing hit me and how much pain it brought rushing back.  I think his mother's strength, her posts and thankfulness reminded me of my own mom and it opened up the wounds of her loss that simply have never healed. But my feelings, my experiences when we lost her are not unique.  We've all been there, or we'll all be there.  

It's not within mine or anyone else's ability to undo the pain and loss Sean's family is feeling right now.  But we can still help.  There has been a tremendous, inspiring outpouring of kindness and generosity in supporting Sean's GoFund me for his surgeries and recovery.  All I ask is this- please don't stop.  If you were thinking about helping, please do so.  We can still help Sean by making sure his family has a few less bills to worry about, a few less worries about how to lay their loved one to rest.  

If you can, please, help.  But it's not a competition, if you can give a dollar, give a dollar.  If you can let others know about Sean's fundraising page, do that.  Whatever you can do to ease the Rey family's burden, however large or small, the effort is not wasted. 

Something else I want to mention- this isn't just about My Little Pony or fandoms. This is about being human and about being there to do what we can for someone in need.  It was Sean's love of a cartoon that brought his plight to our attention, but don't forget that it was his plight that spoke to our hearts.  Don't confuse the desire to do good in the world and make a difference with the obligations of following a cartoon or being a fan.  There is a connection, but they are not the same thing.  

Someday- maybe soon, hopefully far longer, we will all face the agony of loss.  We'll all find ourselves adrift, feeling lost and alone when we most need stability and fellowship.  A hand reaching out, a dollar donated, a word of kindness can make all the difference in the world.  

Thank you for taking the time to read, thanks for keeping Sean and his family in your thoughts.  

Here's the link to Sean's GoFundMe page.  
Hospital S2E13 by PixelKitties

On April 2, 2015 Sean Rey was the victim of a an awful hit and run while riding his bicycle to work.  Two cars hit Sean, both drivers fled the scene leaving Sean terribly injured.  Sean has no insurance and his family is facing not only the emotionally devestating aftermath of this accident but overwhelming medical bills for Sean's hospital stay and ongoing care. 

Sean, like myself and many folks reading this is a fan of My Little Pony- Friendship is Magic.  Our community is based around a show that teaches the need for kindness, empathy and generosity.  I like to believe the vast majority of us take that message to heart whenever possible. 

Sean and his family need help and we have the opportunity to reach out to them and make a difference in their lives at this most devestating of times.  If you can, PLEASE give to Sean's Go Fund Me campaign.  All proceeds go to his medical care and expenses. If you aren't in a position to donate, please consider helping to spread the word.

Once again, here's the page for Sean's Go Fund Me

Here's the news report on Sean's accident.

If you or someone you know is raising money for Sean's care via auctions or other means, and you need incentive items, please don't hesitate to contact me.  I would be honored to donate craft items like keys and book boxes, art, commissions, and autographed mlp memorabilia. 

Thanks for reading. 
Well, March 5 is my actual birthday, although we'll actually be celebrating proper by beer-crawling through Pittsburgh on Saturday the 7th!  

Usually I draw a picture of my OC Horse on my birthday, but I've been too busy with job stuff and being a time travel jet pilot karate expert.   Have a picture of Other Pixel instead-

Pixel Pizazz Pone by PixelKitties

Thanks for all the kind birthday wishes!  <3 you all and wish my liver and I luck for the weekend!

Ponies4Everyone by PixelKitties
The past month or so has been chaos and in that boiling, roiling crucible of busy-ness I forgot to update my journal here on DA.  

It's been a good news/bad news kind of month, so let's start with the good news.  SUPER good news!  My company is splitting off into two parts and as of the end of February I will be Design Lead for the larger of the two halves!  That means more money, less time, more prestige and less sanity.  It seems like a pretty good deal.

The bad news is that part of taking this new role is forgoing vaykay and any significant off-time for the next eight months to a year.  That, unfortunately, means no pony conventions.

That's the bad, terrible, not-very-good news. 

While convention season hasn't started, I already feel sad that I'm missing out on the friends and fun and crazy-yet-fun routine of the past four years. I'm sad I won't get to see old friends and meet new ones this year.  I'm sad that it feels like missing out on the cons is missing out on a huge part of what keeps this community together.  

But, conversely, it would be foolish to choose the world of horses over the world of being a grown up who makes money and has mortgages to think about!  Also I have toy/beer/video game/borderline illegal science hobbies to support!

I'm sorry to folks who were expecting to see me around the cons this year.  Chin up though!  The moratorium on free time is only for this year so hopefully, assuming the pony fandom isn't a smoldering post-apocalyptic ruin by then, I'll be back to traveling the world for horses again in 2016. 

Also, if for some reason you want to still get things like keys and book boxes from me, I'll be posting more stuff to my Etsy page over this year!  As soon as I have the time. Which is...well, theoretically I'll have free time at some point...


Anyhoo, have a great time at the conventions this year!  Drink too much, stand in too many lines and buy too much cool merch for me!  Especially the drinking part.  In fact, exclusively the drinking part!

Take care all!  I'll keep updating here as much as possible.  Also, I'm still annoyingly active over on twitter so you can find me there almost literally 24/7.  

Thanks everyone for keeping up with my adventures.  Here's to more in the future, just, a slightly further-in-the-future...future!

Sometimes you screw up a line or some eyelashes or an eyeball.  That's small potatoes.  Unfortunately, sometimes you screw up big time with bells and whistles and fireworks.  Even worse, sometimes you screw up and someone gets hurt. 

Somehow I used asset parts that weren't mine for Sunset Shimmer in this image.  They belong to a fantastic vector artist on DA, TheShadowStone  I don't know how I ended up with her Sunset vector in my assets folder, but it did and I inadvertently used it.  

I feel sick and I'm disappointed that I could make such an error- not in a personal sense because I really am an idiot more often than not.  But I am sorry that the artist had to feel the frustration and disappointment of having their work used without credit or permission.  I screwed up big time and I'm tremendously sorry. 

Here is The Shadow Stone's original work on Sunset.  

Sunset Shimmer by TheShadowStone

Her gallery is filled with beautiful vectors and show assets.  I am grateful to her for letting me know what happened and working with me to fix it. I apologize to her and to everyone who fav'd or used the image.  I'll update it with a proper version soon, but for now I wanted to make sure credit was given where it was due.  

I've had my work stolen more times than I care to count.  I know how frustrating and invasive it feels and I'm sorry The Shadow Stone went through that because of my mistake.  

Thanks for reading, everyone. 

EDIT- You're welcome to be a jerk to me all you want.  But DO NOT harass other commenters or artists in my house.  

Hearth's Warming Eve 2013 by PixelKitties

Despite a rainy, warm and generally gloomy-looking few days here at our Maryland home, I just woke up to snow this Christmas morning!  It's a tiny-itty-bitty kind of miracle but seeing those snow-kissed trees means so much to me.  

I hope each and every one of my friends and fellow pony fans finds a little bit of wonder under the tree (or on the tree!) this morning.  I mean it when I say that all the amazing things that I've experienced in this fandom are less a product of my will and more a gift from all of you.  You encourage me, inspire me.  You make me laugh and cheer and sometimes cry.  You exemplify so much talent and goodwill and make me proud to call so many of you my friends.  

Thank you for being awesome, for being excellent to one another and to me.  

Merry Christmas, everyone.  

May your eggnog flow and the strings of lights faithfully glow.  

Be well and know that being your friend mean the world to me.

PS- Don't forget to watch Die Hard, the greatest holidays classic of them all! 
TrixieTreeBox by PixelKitties

The last batch of keys and boxes I posted to Etsy didn't even last long enough for me to post on DA or Twitter!

Available now over at my Etsy Store are my fan project Harmony Keys and the Magic Blue Harmony Box of Rainbow Power...and stuff.

Both items come with tons of free buttons and prints by moi along with my eternal thanks!

If you've ever asked about buying my art thingies, but can't make it to conventions, now is your chance.  Good luck, and thanks so much!  <3

EtsyKeys2014 01 by PixelKitties

Pixelkitties Harmony Keys on Etsy

HarmonyTreeBox004 by PixelKitties

Pixelkitties Harmony Box Replica on Etsy

Hello all!  Long time, no journal!   I'm afraid this is the busiest time I've ever dealt with in Horse Fandom and I've been pretty out-of-pocket.  Sorry about that!  

I have a few updates on things for those interested in being updated!

Monday by PixelKitties

With the holidays coming up I'm TRYING to slow down a bit and enjoy being a normal person who doesn't have 2 full-time plus jobs (one is technically a hobby, but...well, let's be honest here.)  I probably won't be able to take on any new projects or charity-type things for the next month or so.  At least, I'm going to TRY not to.  I'm working on some very cool officially ponied pony stuff along with half a dozen charity pieces, so I'm trying hard to draw a line in the sand.  Er, snow.

I apologize in advance if you're all "OMG!  We need horse picturess to benefit upper torso transplants for poor children!"  and I'm all "ARGH!  I want to, I REALLY do!  I'm a terrible person!  I'm sorry!"  Of course, I say that now and I'll probably end up drawing Upper Torso Benefit art on Christmas Day.  

TwitchDragon by PixelKitties

Along with trying to take some time to do free-time related things, I'll be playing Dragon Age Inquisition on Twitch whenever i can spare a couple hours.  If you'd like to watch me gather elf root and put the moves on Josephine, feel free to stop by-

TrixieTreeBox by PixelKitties

Finally, as promised I will be putting up some things on Etsy for the Christmas Season.  Look for keys, magic tree boxes, book boxes and some other stuff to pop up soon.  Soonish.  As soonish as possible!

That's all for now!  Thank you, everyone, for sticking with me for almost another full year!  I'm happy you're still here and I haven't driven you off with all the talk of beer and ponies and beer ponies!  Hope everyone is doing great, feeling fine and having fun!

Ponies4Everyone by PixelKitties
Hi everyone!  For any folks heading out to Nightmare Nights next weekend, I have a question that needs answering ASAP!

Here is my current lineup of buttons we'll be bringing along.  For this convention I've also added Pixel Pizzaz, Sonata Dusk and a new, happy Sunset Shimmer button.  What I need from you is feedback on who else needs their own button!  I'm mainly thinking Rainbow Rocks, but if there are any other regular-series characters you would be willing to pick up, throw those in as well.  

Thanks for your help, and see you next weekend!

NMNButtons01 by PixelKitties
Trotcon Buttons01 by PixelKitties
Trotcon Buttons02 by PixelKitties
ZecoraDay by PixelKitties

You can’t shine like Zecora
You can’t be fine like Zecora
You can’t write lines like Zecora
But today, for 24 hours, you can at least
RHYME like Zecora
Bronycon 14 Charity Auction Rarity Shadowbox by The-Paper-Pony

I'm off to Germany, from where hopefully I will return with a song in my heart and ridiculous amounts of fine beer in my belly!  I just wanted to take a moment to thank EVERYONE for bearing with me, once again, as BronyCon and, this year, GalaCon put me into a tailspin of busy-ness.  In addition, thank you for being such a great fandom and inspiring group of friends and fans. It means the world to me that I'm able to contribute in even a small way to the incredible tapestry of talent and togetherness that makes up the worldwide community of small horse affianados.  

Lots of negative stereotypes have been tossed around about bronies and fans of My Little Pony.  I am here to tell you, from almost four years of personal experience, they are all lies.  I've never been a part of ANY fandom before, I've never had any interest in taking part in a community or interacting on a daily basis around one topic like this.  Fandoms generally struck me as crazy and a bit terrifying and even cold.  Lots of people with selfish interests, gathering around something they're commonly interested in for generally selfish reasons. 

But my every experience at MLP conventions and with pony horse fans has done nothing but reinforce my faith in human people.  Despite the oftentimes crushing echo-chamber of the internet, THANK YOU all for defying stereotypes and expectations.  Thank you for being decent and kind and generous of your time, talent and efforts.  And thank you for being my friends.  Traveling down this road and back again.  Your heart is true you're a pal and...well, you get the picture.

In short, thanks for another amazing year of being amazing fans of an amazing show.  Don't let the haters get you down.  Safe travels this weekend, whether you're headed to Baltimore or Ludwigsburg, and have the BEST weekend of friends and fun EVER. 
Since I'm not able to bring our decorative bottles and bottle-lamps to GalaCon due to luggage and shipping limitations, I've been thinking about an exclusive item that's small enough to transport in my luggage, but cool enough it's worth having. 

What I've come up with is an exclusive Element of Trixie key as an addendum to the full set of Harmony Keys I'm bringing.  

TrixieKeyPview by PixelKitties

It'll be made in the same style, same size, same mirrored acrylic material, but with a supercharged dose of Best Pony. And, like all the keys, it'll fit in the keyholes of the Treasure Chest.

TrixieTreeBox by PixelKitties

Let me know in the comments if this is something you'd be interested in!  

Thanks everyone!
Since the joke is in danger of becoming overdone right-quick, there's nothing to be done but add fuel to the fire.

By request, here's an exploitable version of Ye Olde Ball Pit of Sorrows.  Put whatever you want inside for fun and $17k profit! 

For full effect, yell "Free Palestine!" while photoshopping.

BallPit by PixelKitties
Examples include:

CracklePit by PixelKitties

DanPit by PixelKitties

PixelPit by PixelKitties

LarsonPit by PixelKitties
Moneypit by PixelKitties
GodzillaApple by PixelKitties

The monster weekend is coming!  

July is already a week old and that means GalaCon in Ludwigsburg, Germany and the mighty, mighty BronyCon in Baltimore, Maryland will be here before we know it!

For those who don't know, I will be personally attending and vending at GalaCon the 2nd and 3rd of August in Ludwigsburg.  My husband and sister will be on hand the same weekend, starting Friday August 1st and running through the second, operating the Pixelkitties table at Bronycon's vendor hall.  That means twice the amount of goodies are having to made before the big weekend!  Yikes!

For those wondering, both conventions will see us bringing the usual wide selection of goodies and stuff including prints, posters, buttons.
Trotcon Buttons01 by PixelKitties
Trotcon Buttons02 by PixelKitties
Trotcon 4x6Vert by PixelKitties
Trotcon 4x6Horiz by PixelKitties
click for biggie-size

We'll also have the book boxes (both the harmony boxes AND the new Dark Alicorn versions)
Bcon2013Books by PixelKitties
(Prototype Alicorn Book.  Still in Process.)
Ma003 by PixelKitties

Complete sets of Harmony Keys and Skorpan Amulets
HarmonyKetSet by PixelKitties

Harmony Tree Chests (still in process, this guy's just an early prototype)
BoxChest by PixelKitties

and of course, FREE STICKERS ALWAYS!
Bcon2013Stickers by PixelKitties

We'll also have a couple other fancy new products that are still being worked out.  It's a secret to everyone!
Coco pulls a box out of her saddlebag S4E08 by PixelKitties

My husband will have the decorative bottles, including regular, lamp versions AND a special Maud's Rock Farm version with a real rock inside!  Alas, I've no way to transport those across the pond.  =(  No worries though, I'll make sure and have some exclusive stuff on-hand for Euro-pony fans!
BottlesTrotcon by PixelKitties
Bcon2013GlowBottles by PixelKitties

Whether you're heading to Maryland or Germany, I hope you'll have a chance to stop by our tables and say hello!  I appreciate getting to connect with so many friends and fellow horse fans and, while selling stuff is great, I'm really just happy to be a part of the event and get to hang out with everyone!  

For now, I have much to do and not nearly enough time!  Hope everyone is well and hope to see you in less than a month...hoo boy!  
Tree of Harmony chest close-up S4E25 by PixelKitties

You know how to tell if a convention went well?  Everyone smiled, even on Sunday.  Nothing caught on fire or exploded into shrapnel.  And the drama footprint on Tumblr and Twitter is nonexistant.  That was Trotcon 2014, three days of peace, love and horses!

Seriously though, I can't say enough good about Trotcon, the staff, or the attendees.  Everyone was incredibly sweet and enthusiastic- the good vibrations were infectious and despite fatigue and lack of that strange, mythical state known as "sleep" it was hard not to grin from ear to ear for 72 hours.

Thank you SO MUCH to everyone who came to the convention and to everyone who stopped by my table.  I really appreciate all the support, kindness and hugs.  I apologize for the Harmony Keys selling out in a matter of minutes, but I promise we'll have double extra stock AND even more fancy new items on hand for Bronycon and Galacon in a little over a month. 

Thank you to my fellow vendors for being amazing neighbors and to ROBCakeran53 who, as always, was there to help out, keep us fed and watered, and even change our sandboxes if necessasary.  Thankfully that didn't become an issue!  

Thanks to the incredibly receptive staff and organizers behind Trotcon.  Darkly, DB and EVERYONE who sacrificed their weekend (and a few sanity checks) to keep things running smoothly for the rest of us.

Finally, thank you to the amazing guests!  Sadly I was swamped when Peter New came by and didn't get to say hello.  But it was great getting to see Andrea Libman, M.A. LarsonBat and the incredible and incredibly sweet angieness   Also, a special thanks to community guest SilverSlinger  who always has a beautiful table filled with such awesome shiny-shinies and my friend Psygriffio for the BEAUTIFUL guest banner he made for me!  <3

I hope everyone who attended the convention in Columbus this weekend had just as wonderful a time!  It was great spending time with you all and I look forward to doing it all again in 2015!
Did you know Trotcon and Bronies For Good are hosting a charity auction thing?  It's true!  There will be all kinds of fantastic stuff there.  Among it all will be the chance to own your very own Pinkie Pie Ocean Adventure Kit!  Did you even know you needed such a thing?  Well now you do!

OceanPhoto by PixelKitties

The Pinkie Pie Ocean Adventure Kit comes complete with-

  • Snorkle/ Goggles set featuring Pinkie Pie for some reason.
  • Pinkie/Twilight/Celestia Beach Towel
  • Fiesta Extra parody soda bottle
  • Rarity Parfume Shark Repellent Soap
  • Complete set of Equestria Travel stickers featuring Ponyville, The Crystal Empire, Canterlot, Pax Griffon, Tartarus and The Moon
  • Complete set of Harmony Keys and Amulet
  • Five exclusive, can't-get-them-anywhere-else-or-buy-them-anywhere-or-even-trade-your-firstborn-for-them buttons featuring Surfing Shining Armor, Scuba Pinkie, Bikini Rarity, Shark Hunter Gummy and Great White Derpy
  • A set of twelve 4x6 prints with pictures of happy cartoon horses
  • A special collectors box (for people who collect boxes, apparently) to put it all in!

I'll see if I can't get the box signed by some famous folks for you too.

All of this for the low, low prices of whatever!

I'm leaving for Trotcon around noon tomorrow.  Safe travels everyone and see you in Columbus!

Yesterday's journal covered prints that I'll be bringing to Trotcon, today it's time for buttons!  Buttons!  Buttons!  

Say buttons like five times and it starts to sound really weird.  


Trotcon Buttons01 by PixelKitties

Trotcon Buttons02 by PixelKitties

After fate has conspired to make me miss out two conventions this year (Boo!) I'm ready to get this pony train rolling!  Next weekend is Trotcon in Columbus, OH, absolutely one of the best and longest-running MLP conventions.  I will be there for the third year in a row with stuff and things and maybe even whatnot!  

Will Trotcon be awesome?  No doubt!  Will there be action, adventure, drama (with a small d) and fun?  Totally!  Will Prince Oberyn completely recover and make a surprise return on the Season Finale of Game of Thrones?  That seems unlikely without some serious healing magic and possibly a bucket. 

Hopefully you'll be attending and we'll get to hang out and swap stories of life on the great Equestrian Trail.   

DiedWheels by PixelKitties

Over the next few days I'll be posting pictures of some of the junk I'll have taking up space in the vendor room!  First, here are the small, post-card prints I'll be bringing to Columbus-

Trotcon 4x6Horiz by PixelKitties

Trotcon 4x6Vert by PixelKitties

I'll also have 11x17 poster versions of select image-

Trotcon 11xl17 by PixelKitties
Check back tomorrow when I'll have a compilation of all the buttons I'll be bringing.  Also an 80s Robot Butler giveaway!

That's a lie.  If I had an 80s Robot Butler I'd totally be keeping that for myself.  

Thanks everyone!
SpikeSnoopyALONE by PixelKitties

Hey everyone.  I'm sorry to report I will not be attending MLP MSP in Minnesota this weekend.  My husband had his wisdome teeth removed a week or so back and since then severe and painful after-effects have set in leaving us tethered to home and access to our dentist.  

I feel terrible we're both dreadfully sorry.  My deepest apologies to everyone working, volunteering and attending the convention.  We tried our hardest to find some kind of work-around; flying in late, getting someone to keep an eye on Mr. Kitties while I hit the road to Minnesota.  Unfortunately there things just didn't seem destined to work out.  

I sent along a care package for the convention, so hopefully you'll see some items showing up in the auctions and such.  I'm sad I won't get to spend the weekend hanging out with friends and talking horse pony over God's own elixer, beer.  

I will DEFINITELY be at Trotcon in Columbus, OH in just a few weeks, even if we have to drag the dentist along with us.

Take care everyone!  Again, I'm sorry for anyone who might be disappointed or let down.  I appreciate your understanding and hope to see you all soon!