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I've been looking to add a new Book Box design for a while now. What design would you most be interested in purchasing? 

139 deviants said Starswirl the Bearded Book of Magic…
116 deviants said Evil Alicorn Amulet Black Book
106 deviants said Season 4 Diary of the Two Sisters…
95 deviants said Season 4 Mane Six Diary…
91 deviants said Gravity Falls Mystery Book…
50 deviants said Crystal Empire Book…
Donut by PixelKitties
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Based on the notes and messages I've been getting, folks seem concerned that I have been captured by the Illuminati and forced to fight in the underground thumb-wrestling circuit.  

No worries my friends!  The truth is far less exciting and, sadly, doesn't come with an awesome Champeenship Belt.

Babscon is coming up supah fast and while work has plot-blocked me from attending, I am making art for the entire cast and crew.  That's over 20 VIPs.  That's 20 unique pictures of ponies doing pony stuff for awesome people I admire and want to impress.  Most of the requests came in the latter half of March so time has definitively NOT been on my side. 

Over the past two weeks, when not in the office I've been locked away in my art tower making pones making pones and making pones.

Stress level high.  Sleep level low.  Ability to form coherent sendance ort wasddl flud.

So, rest assured I am neither missing nor Middleweight Thumb Wrestling Champeen of the NorthEast.  

And, like you dear reader,  I find that news a little disappointing.

In Defense of Monster High series

In Defense of Monster High Pt 1- Why Ghouls Rule!I've made several guest appearances on podcasts lately discussing the latest 100 megaton drama bomb to hit our community, codenamed Equestria Girls.  Don't worry, me borthers (and sisters.)  Your humble narrator has no interest in rehashing the history of the animated film.  At this point we all know what it is, quite a few of us have seen it, and most all of us have made up our minds one way or t'other.
What I do want to talk about is a subject I bring up frequently in interviews- the comparison between the Equestria Girls as a brand and toy line and it's spiritual cousin Monster High.  While its not something I participate in with near the time commitment or veracity of MLP, I am a HUGE fan of Monster High.  As a lifelong horror fan and borderline gothy-type girl, I was certainly baited by the dolls when they first came out.  However, the hook wasn't well and truly set until the lovely :iconegophiliac: sent me my first doll as a present.  Soon after
In Defense of Monster High Pt 2- GhouliaYesterday I touched upon the idea that the real failing of Equestria Girls, at least insofar as the toyline, is that it is geared towards one specific goal- getting a piece of the monster-sized success of Monster High while ignoring the details that have made MH so successful.  
With the next few installments, I want to look at these details, and how they relate to making the individual dolls so excellent and the line so successful.  First up- theming and attention to detail, both of which are, in my opinion, the keys to Monster High's success and factors which set them apart from most every other toy on the market. 
Each MH doll is a character with not only a distinct, canon personality, but is also based on a monster or fictional creature from folklore or horror films.  My example today happens to be not only my favorite character, but also represents my favorite monster as well.  Meet Ghoulia Yelps, the zombie and smartest ghoul in school:
In the Monster Hig

In Defense of Monster High Pt3- SkelitaBefore we begin, a quick apology.  I am currently without power here at Pixelkitties Manor thanks to the ginormous storm that spanked Pittsburgh yesterday and last night, so I am posting this update via my tablet.  I am a terrible typist and proofreader at the best of times, and sitting here pecking at a touchscreen, I worry that this is going to be an incoherent mess!  If I sound like an idiot, it's mostly because I'm laboring under less-than-ideal circumstances.  And...partially because I'm an idiot. Anyway, on with the stuff!
Over the past few days I've discussed how detail and a commitment to both brand and character themes are one of the key factors making Monster High such a wildly successful line of dolls.  Factors that the Equestria Girls are severely lacking despite a ready-made fandom, backstory, characters, themes and motivations. 
Today we'll continue taking a look at the use of theming and details, while also examining how what's under the dol
In Defense of Monster High Part 4- Jinafire LongFirst of all, a HUGE thank you to everyone who took the time to read, comment, and give my foray into non-pony related content a chance.  My impetus behind this series of journals was pushing back against many MLP fan's perception that the Monster High influence was Equestria Girls' biggest fault.  Obviously I disagree, and I believe that, quite the opposite, what Monster High is a toyline that others should absolute emulate in terms of quality and design competency.  It really means a lot to me that you all have taken the time to give these journals, and Monster High, half a chance!  Thanks for reading!
Over the past few days we've discussed both the aesthetic impressiveness of Monster High as well as the quality of the toys themselves.  Today I'd like to wrap up by looking at both of these qualities in one doll- Jinafire Long, the golden dragon from Fanghai (If you haven't noticed already, puns abound in the Monster High universe!)

In Defense of Monster High Pt 5 Celestia GhouliaHello dear readers and friends who appreciate all things involving candy ponies and ghouls that rule!  It's been a month or so since my last journal devoted to comparing the Monster High doll series to the (at the time) upcoming Equestria Girls line.  Well now I've picked up quite a few of the Equestria Girls dolls myself and I can make a much better judgment as to whether and how they stack up to Monster High.  
Today I'm going to take a look at one of the Deluxe style toys, Princess (or in Equestria Girls, Principal) Celestia!  Around the same time I picked up another set I was greatly anticipating- Ghoulia Yelps and Cleo DeNile Lab partners set.  

I have to say that I really love the Equestria Girls packaging!  It's so colorful, and while it's a bit odd having the pony character so prominent, rather than the Equestria Girls human character, let's face it- which form is more recognizable?  It just mak



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While watching an episode of MY LITTLE PONY tonight happen to wonder.  You going to do a SARAH WALL AUTOGRAPH CARD?
Your Tabitha St. German Babs con autograph card has Rarity doing a better outfit design that we seen her create on the show this season.
I notice when checking out the link you had for parts TABITHA ST GERMAN has done in shows that Wildfire is list among the my little pony.   I've always been a bit confused on Deviantart if Wild fire was a actual Hasbro pony or a Brony Avatar since I don't recall Wild fire being among the Wikipedia  my little pony image galleries.
WhatCritter 2 hours ago  New member
Sibsy's OC Wild Fire made a cameo appearance in "A Canterlot Wedding" argueing with a male pony during a flashback scene from Twilights foalhood. The Voicing was just some mooshyloveydovey stuff.
RetroOreo Apr 10, 2014  Hobbyist Filmographer
Could you make a TrotCon Andrea Libman/Peter New autograph card?
bat country does make a great t shirt idea.
heard of BABS CON from Brony sites so interesting autograph cards.
ME first my little pony youtube video ever:…
..what do you think about that whole twilight kingdom thingy? cause i am confused.
This is pretty much the only DA page I check regularly. After a hard day of selling my soul to corporate, this page and its contents never cease to pick me up.

PK's Art: Makes the Hurting Stop.
Rainbowartis Mar 26, 2014  New member Hobbyist General Artist
You're artwork is just awesome especially the MLP artwork! I love MLP!
Fullmoonrose7 Mar 25, 2014  New member Student General Artist
I love your art, and how do you make your webcam it is so cute!!!
You have Commissions, do they cost points?
Hm, you followed Animation Celebration on twitter, does this mean you will be going?
PencilPonies Mar 22, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
Sorry for spamming your inbox with favorites, but your artwork is just so awesome I couldn't help myself :D
Amana07 Mar 22, 2014  Professional Photographer
Keep up the great work PK!
do you have a tumbler?
like WELCOME TO BAT COUNTRY combinds the episode ides of BATS and THREE A CROWD.
ArtyPaints Mar 16, 2014  New member
Love your webcam and nice art!
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